The talking point of your party / event - mobile sauna rental from Saunair!

Rent a sauna and relax in the heat and steam at a location of your choice

Mobile sauna hire, Devon, UK 

Saunair was created during lockdown… Have you had a desire for an escape, for luxury, to top up welfare levels and reap the sleep and health benefits provided by an outdoor sauna? If so, read on!

Enjoy a fun experience with your friends and family – a wood fired sauna is a great alternative to a hot tub, infrared sauna blanket or sauna suit. The barrel sauna provides rapid heat up times, similar benefits to a jacuzzi and avoids the need to use nasty chemicals. We even supply two ice baths and a cold shower as part of your booking! 

Book Saunair’s mobile sauna to have all of this at an outdoor location you specify in an environmentally friendly way – fuelled by locally sourced, sustainable wood.

Rent a sauna by the day, weekend or week. We can deliver if you live in Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset or SW England – we’ve been as far as Penzance and Surrey so far! 

Our saunas have been used at Hen do’s, Birthday parties, Weddings, Festivals and even by the England Rugby Team

Find out more about our outside Sauna below.

Saunair mobile sauna hire exmouth

About our Saunas

Saunas originated in Finland many centuries ago and are commonly found in houses across Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Now you can have the Finnish sauna experience in the UK with Saunair’s traditional barrel sauna.

Sauna, meaning ‘bath’ or ‘bathhouse’, provides a way to cleanse your body through perspiration as a result of the Löyly – the heat and steam that surrounds you in the sauna as water is poured on the hot rocks.

Our wooden sauna on wheels is securely fixed to a trailer meaning we can deliver the sauna where you want it – Devon, Cornwall, Somerset or further a field.

The hot sauna is heated by a high-powered wood burning heater, which helps to get the sauna up to desirable, high temperatures quickly – in as little as 30 minutes. No electric is needed.

Read about Sauna benefits below. 

Finnish Bath Benefits!

Enjoy the health, wellness and performance benefits related to sauna:


  • Relaxing muscles and easing aches and pains in joints
  • Flushing out body toxins via sweating
  • Reduced stress & anxiety
  • Improved heart health
  • Decreased dementia risk
  • Improved sleep
  • Helps to fight illness
  • Burning calories
Mobile Sauna Hire Health Benefits
Saunair mobile sauna galvanised Ice ice bath cold water plunge dip
Saunair mobile sauna galvanised Ice bath cold water plunge dip

Cold water therapy…

When you’re hot, why not cool down in our galvanised bath tubs. The contrast of heat in the sauna and cold water exposure provides a great way to improve your blood circulation, reduce inflammation in your body and boost your mood. 


A classic design, these antique baths are over 100 years old and still going strong. ‘Coffin baths’ hug your body and are the perfect fit for a cold dip or ice bath.


The experience of going from hot to cold is truly invigorating and will have your body buzzing with energy!

What our users say

‘Loved the sauna experience! Finally found a way to raise my body temperature before braving the water of the river Culm and reaping the benefits of both the hot and cold!’ Phil, Culmstock

‘Amazing mobile sauna – totally cool and very popular – it was a hit!’ Nikki, Cricket St-Thomas

‘I was sceptical about this at first but absolutely loved it! The sauna ended up being the highlight of the weekend and I would definitely book it again!’ Liz, Cullompton

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more information about Saunair, book our mobile sauna for rental for your home / holiday home or suggest a location / event where you’d like us to be, then we’d love to hear from you. 

Currently we’re taking bookings over the phone (07491 80 70 60) or via email ( Saunair is on Instagram (@Saunair) & Facebook (@SaunairUK).


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